On top of a generally busy week, I was recently presented with an extra demand from my daughter. She “ hates “ her bedroom, especially her dressing table and wants to throw it out. However, the teenage brief also stipulated that she wants more space in her bedroom but keeping all of her existing storage, tough customer ! I always try to use what I have if at all possible and try to save any furniture going to landfill. Although the dresser was very dated, it was very sturdy and ticked a few requirement boxes. All that was left now was to get rid of all traces of brown, handles, legs, worktop, the lot !


We finally agreed on #upcycling the dressing table into two bedside lockers to satisfy the brief. The only purchases for the project were new handles and some pine shelf board for locker tops. The dresser was fully #upcycled, even the mirror was used as a full length mirror in the upstairs landing  This ticked my #reuse and #NewFromOld button, also dealing with the retain the storage problem. Of course I didn’t get off the hook that easily. I also had to paint the room and add new shelving. When you do one job it always shows up more work that need attention, isn’t that the truth !