New Year and old hobbies

I was looking over some old photos recently and came across this project that I had forgotten about from a few years back. I got a random call from a customer who was hoping that I could help him. He had a box of assorted radio pieces from his parents’ attic that he wanted to bring back to life with a quirky new look. He had fond memories of this radio from the 70’s which took pride of place in the family kitchen before any HiFi system was on the scene.

The twist in this project was a customer who played around with WiFi and speakers in his spare time. He had everything he needed for working parts for this shell but didn’t know how to fix or what to do with  the dated case and surround. The plan was to re-imagine a retro radio case that could play a Spotify playlist on WiFi .



The brief was based on a 70’s theme, so the obvious colour choice had to be a burnt orange casing to start with. Coupled with this, my customer had a keen interest in old US detective and UFO B-movies. I called into Vibes & Scribes in Cork and had a good look around for inspiration. Luckily, I called on a good day and found a selection of postcards which matched to brief perfectly.

After that, it was a matter of creationg a collage of these postcards on Photoshop, to create an eyecatching back plate for this retro radio. When this was completed it was just a matter of getting this image printed onto adhesive vinyl and applied to the backplate of the radio.

My client couldn’t be happier with the result. A new speaker from an old radio case #NewFromOld

I think it might be time to go back and revisit Photoshop as a resolution .