That kitchen has to go !


I got a call from a customer looking for a quote to paint her kitchen. I knew from the address that the house was a newly built estate, so the kitchen could not be very old at all. I was intrigued to find out what the problem was and what the project could be. It turned out that the kitchen was already installed by the builder at the time of purchase and she hated it right from the start.

         Hand & spray painted kitchen by The Upcycler in County Cork

It was a nice, functional kitchen with good light, what could be the problem ? It was 2 tone light and dark grey, that was the problem. The area was too small for the dark grey and made the kitchen feel too heavy. The customer simply hated it and vowed to change it after a few months once she had settled into her home.

Now the fun started, ” I hate the colour it is but what colour is it going to be ” ? The plan had been to paint it an ” off white ” but that brings its own problems. You get a hint of colour but usually not quite enough and it appears washed out. Alternatively, a darker tint in the white can muddy the effect and you end up with a ” dirty white “.

After much debate, we settled on a light cream with a slight coffee tinge, to make sure that we didn’t go into the yellow range. There were a few colours on the table to choose from but Colourtrend’s Ivory Tusk won out in the end. End result – a very happy customer and a brand – brand new kitchen !