Writing Desk Revamp

It’s not often that a I get the opportunity to work on an older piece of furniture which clearly has loads of character. I was lucky enough in this case to be contacted by a customer with such a project. It was a dated writing desk in a heavy wood veneer. It was scratched and chipped after many years of wear and tear. The desk belonged to the lady’s father and was of great sentimental value. However, she was struggling to find a permanent location for it in her modern home. The brief was easy, stop making it look old and heavy.

I started with removing all the hardware and washing it down a couple of times with sugar soap to remove years of built up furniture polish. Then it was masking tape over the leather area and all of the drawer boxes to make sure they were not painted accidentally. The back of the desk was removed completely and given a brighter wallpaper overlay to be replaced at a later stage. The colour chosen for the projecr was North Island by Colourtrend, a warm, mid range grey. The original handles were to stay, however, they were too stark to keep as is. So, they were spray painted with a pewter aresol finish, in line with the mid grey paint scheme. The result was a brand new piece of furniture .